Rooms with identity

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Rooms with identity

CL_suit_3Cala Lodge has 16 rooms available, where our guest will find the perfect space to enjoy the peace and tranquility offered by the mountains of Monteverde. Each room has paintings with the seal of the Costa Rican artist Roberto Wesson, a prominent naturalist guide and local artist.Cala_sostenible_3

Nature is his main source of inspiration, therefore, each of his paintings has been created in the heart of the Monteverde Cloud Forest, thus offering our guests an experience to enrich their visit.

His work covers many styles and techniques, from impressionism and expressionism to realism and surrealism. You will find some of his giclee prints on linen paper at Cala Lodge, but if you want to know more about his amazing paints, you should visit his gallery Jaguar Art Studio and buy directly from the artist!

Contact him directly at 8359-5249 or

Cala Lodge and sustainability

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Cala Lodge and sustainability

We are pleased to share with our guests the peace, tranquility and freedom offered by the mountains of Monteverde. Therefore, aware of the importance of preserving natural and cultural resources of the area we share with you some of our projects as a sign of our commitment to the development of sustainable tourism.

Our sustainable programs

  • Compost

Because of the need to minimize waste and their impact on our environment, we implemented actions to the development of our own fertilizer using organic waste from the kitchen. The compost is then used to work in the gardens of the property.

  • Organic orchardhuerta-cala-lodge

Cala Lodge is proud to share the organic orchard project, whose production supplies some inputs for preparing breakfasts. In Addition, the area of the garden is prepared with our own organic fertilizer.

  • Reuse of rainwater

The constant rainfall in Monteverde allow us year-round use rainwater. In our facilities, water is directed through pipes that are finally consigned in strategic areas of our gardens.


  • Recycling Program

Cala Lodge have properly labeled containers for separation of waste such as aluminum, paper, glass and plastic which are subsequently be taken to the recycling center of the community.

  • Ecological stones

Traditionally ordinary waste can not be recycled, they are utilized for the development of Ecological Stones. The project is look utility for these waste, therefore, they are deposited in plastic bottles resulting in ecological stones, which can eventually be used in concrete constructions.

  • Reforestation

Cala Lodge consider the importance of educating and raising awareness among children and adolescents on the conservation of natural resources and the promotion of socially responsible behavior, therefore, we work closely with schools in the community for activities reforestation in order to recover areas affected by human activity.

Green season specials!

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Take advantage of our green season specials! Contact us!


Aprovechen nuestros descuentos de temporada! Contáctennos

Ecofriendly amenities in Costa Rica

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prueba-2Cala Lodge take pride to offering our guests a line Raw Botanicals of environmentally friendly amenities. Each room contains a line of products to promote the sustainability and the environmental care, they include shampoo, rinse, body lotion, and more.

Raw Botanicals is a distributor of organic certified and handmade amenities in Costa Rica.

For Cala Lodge the presentation of these amenities is very important because allows us to reduce waste generation and lessen the impact on the product of our operating environment. Hence, by using our products you can be assured that nothing is going to wast.

If you are interest in buy the products, you can visit:

Art and nature

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Our rooms are now decorated by the amazing paintings or Roberto Wesson, an extremely talented Costa Rican artist that working along with Cala Lodge’s owners are looking forward to give you a very special art and nature visual experience while staying in Monteverde.

Our gardens

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One thing we truly feel proud of is the fact of having mostly native or endemic plants and trees in our gardens. That help you to get to now the real Monteverde and its essence the most.

Adjacent to Children’s Eternal Rainforest

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Amazing views

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Cala special

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The “Cala Special” is the best way to take advantage of our guest’s favorite tour combined with a pleasant stay in one of our Mountain View standard rooms including fresh made breakfast and a bottle of wine in the room. The special is perfect for couples.

It applies only if your stay will be between Nov 1st and Dec 15th. You can book it anytime.

If you have questions or comment please contact us anytime:


Cala Lodge Suites

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