Cala Lodge – white-faced capuchin monkey

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The Cala Lodge Suites

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Suite type rooms are perfect for a comfortable stay! Two queen size beds on a main room and one extra single size bed on a side of the living room. Balcony or terrace, fully eqquipped kitchenette, free wireless, big spaces and bath tub right in front of the forest.

Great option for families or long stays in one of the most beautiful places of Costa Rica.

Glasswing Butterfly

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This is a species of lepidopteron from the family Nymphalidae. It is commonly called the Glasswing Butterfly. They make a very interesting long migration and mostly feed on nectar from a big variety of tropical flowers such as “Lantanas” which belong to the mint family and from other plants that belong to the Asteraceae (Sunflower family). Glasswing Butterflies prefer to lay their eggs on Solanaceae (Tomato Family). The green larvae eat from toxic plants, this is how they storage toxins in its tissue; what makes them toxic to the possible predators. (Ants and others)

The adult butterfly is also toxic but in this case because the males feed on nectar from flowers that have alkaloids for example: the family Asteraceae (ageratum) commonly called in Spanish “Santalucias”. These alkaloids cut also turn into pheromones to help them attract the females.

Glasswing Butterfly is easily found in the Cala Lodge gardens.

White-Throated Capuchin (Cebus capucinus) at Cala Lodge

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SONY DSCThey are frequently called the White-face Capucinus. They travel through all levels of the forest in troops of up to 30 individuals. They are omnivorous, but mainly eat insects and fruits, often eating only the ripe ones. Sometimes Capucinus take on large animals, such as birds (as well as nestlings and eggs). They can also pray on coatis, squirrels and young iguanas hunting them in groups of four to five and surrounding the pray. Sometimes some of the troops feed on corn and other crops and are occasionally persecuted by farmers.

This picture was taken right our behind our Restaurant on a beautiful morning in last July, it was an special occasion because a group of guests has the opportunity to see a troop hunting a baby howler monkey; at this time the White-face Capucinus weren’t successful and even when this sounds somehow cruel; nature is nature.

home images

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Flor 8

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Cozy and clean rooms

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Free wifi

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Free hot drinks every afternoon

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