Cala Lodge history


Francisco Castro Leitón and Raquel Castro Sánchez. Owners at Cala Lodge.

Cala Lodge was founded in 2008 by a young Costa Rican couple, Francisco & Raquel Castro. Francisco is a descendant of one of the first Costa Rican families that established Monteverde during the 1920’s,  30 years before the Quakers arrived. Born and raised in the cloud forest, Francisco started his career as a naturalist guide at a very young age. With over fifteen years of experience, he specializes in bird-watching tours when not involved with Hotel’s operation.

Raquel is half Salvadorian, half Costa Rican and was raised in Costa Rica’s capital city of San José. After finishing college she started working right away in different areas of  Costa Rica’s tourism industry. With over ten years of being deeply involved in the Costa Rican tourism scene, Raquel’s vast source of experience makes Cala Lodge a very special place filled with the essence of nature and great customer service.

Francisco and Raquel met in Monteverde and their combined knowledge, energy and experience makes Cala Lodge quite a different place; defined by Cloud Forest enjoyment, peacefulness and the best personalized service for all of their clients.

Cala Lodge was built on three acres of property (1.2 hectares) of forest right next to the world-renowned Children’s Eternal Rain Forest which has an area of 52.800 acres. It is the largest private reserve in Central America.Cala lodge vibrante

Cala Lodge offers reasonably priced, cozy accommodations secluded from the noise and crowds and surrounded by beautiful forest with easy access to all the main attractions in the area. We help our visitors to design the best itineraries to take advantage of their stay in Monteverde and make it a memorable esperience.

Our logo and emblem is a white wetland flower called “Cala”, also known as water lily.  It illustrates our philosophy of service and commitment to our clients: simple elegance, graciousness and dedication are the keys to our work ethic.

The open areas of our property have been reforested with native species of trees; our gardens blossom with native flowers with the intention of attracting more species of Cloud Forest birds, butterflies and mammals, which you can enjoy as you walk on our “Agouti Trail” or just around our gardens.

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