Cala Lodge seeks to be the leading hotel in providing tourism that promotes natural and cultural experiences alongside comprehensive community growth.



Cala Lodge is a family-owned hotel that facilitates contact and connection with nature at its facilities and that encourages and promotes visitation of conservation areas, education about the Cloud Forest, and the comprehensive development of the Monteverde community.


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Environmental Policies

Cala Lodge is a family-owned hotel that has had a strong philanthropic foundation since the beginning. In its regular operation, it seeks to sensitize visitors to environmental issues and, beyond simply providing lodging, offer quality and the experience of sustainable living. Therefore, as an organization we make the following commitments:

Protect the environment. Prevent pollution and ensure protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

Sustainable use of resources: Ensure adequate management of waste, water, and energy, as well as ensuring responsible purchasing.

Climate change: Carry out actions to measure, reduce, and mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our operations. Implement strategies for adaptation and resilience to climate change.

Socio-economic development of surrounding communities: Promote tourism as a tool for social development of the community through productive supply chains, encouragement and active participation in programs for community benefit, and creation of employment opportunities.

Meet legal requirements and other mandatory requirements, as well as ensuring the continual improvement of operations processes for good performance as an organization.

Responsible actions

At Cala Lodge we have been striving for a responsible and sustainable tourist operation for over 10 years, always ensuring quality and continual improvement. We believe faithfully in tourism as a driver of local sustainability, which is why we are committed to operating in harmony and continually seeking the wellbeing of our staff, our providers, the community, and the country.

We try to work and form alliances with organizations and businesses in the public or private sector to protect nature, cultural identity, and strengthen local supply chains. The implementation of our management system and the certificates earned by Cala Lodge show our commitment and the responsibility we feel toward sustainability.

Certifications and agreements

Organizations and projects

We are active members of the most important organizations.

Our clients can also be a part of national and community projects for sustainability. There are several ways you can contribute toward development and conservation in Monteverde and Costa Rica; here is how:

Support accessibility for people with reduced mobility by recycling plastic.

In each room we have envelopes for your donations. Each dollar will be used

Offset your emissions from air or ground transportation. Your offset will help protect the Bellbird Biological Corridor.

Ruta Eléctrica Monteverde is a support network for travelers with electric vehicles. The goal is to ease electric mobility and reduce emissions from combustion vehicles.



Annual report about our performance and sustainability plan (Only available in Spanish)

Sustainability survey

At Cala Lodge, measuring our actions is fundamental in decision making and in constantly improving our services and sustainable practices. Given this, we thank you for following this link to complete our survey: Link

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