Cala Lodge and sustainability

Cala Lodge and sustainability

We are pleased to share with our guests the peace, tranquility and freedom offered by the mountains of Monteverde. Therefore, aware of the importance of preserving natural and cultural resources of the area we share with you some of our projects as a sign of our commitment to the development of sustainable tourism.

Our sustainable programs

  • Compost

Because of the need to minimize waste and their impact on our environment, we implemented actions to the development of our own fertilizer using organic waste from the kitchen. The compost is then used to work in the gardens of the property.

  • Organic orchardhuerta-cala-lodge

Cala Lodge is proud to share the organic orchard project, whose production supplies some inputs for preparing breakfasts. In Addition, the area of the garden is prepared with our own organic fertilizer.

  • Reuse of rainwater

The constant rainfall in Monteverde allow us year-round use rainwater. In our facilities, water is directed through pipes that are finally consigned in strategic areas of our gardens.


  • Recycling Program

Cala Lodge have properly labeled containers for separation of waste such as aluminum, paper, glass and plastic which are subsequently be taken to the recycling center of the community.

  • Ecological stones

Traditionally ordinary waste can not be recycled, they are utilized for the development of Ecological Stones. The project is look utility for these waste, therefore, they are deposited in plastic bottles resulting in ecological stones, which can eventually be used in concrete constructions.

  • Reforestation

Cala Lodge consider the importance of educating and raising awareness among children and adolescents on the conservation of natural resources and the promotion of socially responsible behavior, therefore, we work closely with schools in the community for activities reforestation in order to recover areas affected by human activity.

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