Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST)

The CST is a program of the Costa Rica Tourism Bureau, that categorizes and certifies touristic companies according to the degree to which their operations approach a model of sustainability. Four fundamental areas are evaluated for this certification:

  • Physical-biological context: Refers to the interaction between the company and the surrounding natural environment, interested in the implementation of policies and programs of NIVEL 4 nuevosustainability, environmental protection.
  • Service plant: it is related to the internal systems and processes of the company, in terms of waste management and the use of technologies for saving light and water.
  • Customer: evaluates the actions to invite the client to participate in the implementation of the sustainability policies of the company.
  • Socioeconomic environment: the identification and interaction of the establishment with the adjacent communities, analyzing its impact on the growth and development of the region.

This award is issued by the National Accreditation Commission based in Costa Rica, which is comprised of the following members: ICT, MINAE, UCR, INBio, UICN, INCAE, CANAECO y CANATUR.

The CST certification is issued for a period of 2 years. Cala Lodge was certified with 4 of the 5 levels of the CST in November 2016.