Cala Lodge was founded in 2007 by a young Costa Rican couple: Francisco & Raquel Castro. Francisco is a descendant of the “Leitón” family, one of the first Costa Rican families to become established in Monteverde in the 1920s, thirty years before the arrival of the Quakers. Francisco was born and raised in the cloud forest and, at a young age, began his career as a naturalist guide. With over fifteen years of experience, Francisco offers travelers his extensive knowledge of local flora and fauna and specializes in birdwatching tours when he is not involved in the Hotel regular operations.

Raquel is Costa Rican and Salvadorian, she grew up and studied in San José, the capital of Costa Rica. While she was attending university, Raquel began working in different areas of the tourist industry in Costa Rica. Having been involved in the national tourist industry for over ten years, Raquel applies her broad knowledge and experience to making Cala Lodge a very special place filled with the essence of nature and with exceptional customer service.

Francisco and Raquel met in Monteverde and the combination of their energy, knowledge, and experience help make Cala Lodge a unique place, known for its peacefulness and for enjoying the cloud forest, as well as the best personalized service for its clients.

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