White-Throated Capuchin (Cebus capucinus) at Cala Lodge

SONY DSCThey are frequently called the White-face Capucinus. They travel through all levels of the forest in troops of up to 30 individuals. They are omnivorous, but mainly eat insects and fruits, often eating only the ripe ones. Sometimes Capucinus take on large animals, such as birds (as well as nestlings and eggs). They can also pray on coatis, squirrels and young iguanas hunting them in groups of four to five and surrounding the pray. Sometimes some of the troops feed on corn and other crops and are occasionally persecuted by farmers.

This picture was taken right our behind our Restaurant on a beautiful morning in last July, it was an special occasion because a group of guests has the opportunity to see a troop hunting a baby howler monkey; at this time the White-face Capucinus weren’t successful and even when this sounds somehow cruel; nature is nature.

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